Chapters list
  • Technical documentation: Introduction
  • Purpose of the document

    The purpose of this document is to help navigate through the major features of the Atlas system and act as a basic manual to help the user undarstand the concepts, resources and tools involved in the system.
  • Scope of the document

    The document describes the technical aspects of the Atlas system - architecture, components, used technologies, key features, database structure.
  • Intended audience of the document

    The document is intended for people, who would like to get acquainted with the structure and components of the Atlas system. Moreover, this paper provides a base for future contributions to the system.
  • Document structure

    This chapter describes how the ATLAS technical documentation is organized.
  • About ATLAS

    This chapter gives a brief introduction to the ATLAS project - its goals, the challenges it addresses and the suggested solutions. More information about the ATLAS project can be found at