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Atlantis Consulting SA (Atlantis) - Greece

Atlantis Consulting SA (Atlantis) - Greece
Country Greece
Address 17 L. Katechaki GR-155 25 ATHENS
Факс +30 210 6563801
Phone +30 210 6563800
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Atlantis is a private consulting firm established in Thessaloniki, which has a dedicated division focused on informatics and research and development. The company also has offices in Athens and Patra, and is also complemented by its subsidiary companies, in Cyprus and Crete. Its staff is composed of engineers, economists, social researchers and IT specialists with post-graduate studies in Greece and abroad. The main services offered are:

  • E-business and e-services
  • Subsidies related services
  • Management Consulting
  • Science and Technology Policy Strategies

Atlantis has a strong position in the software market, and has experience in research projects on knowledge management systems. Atlantis has also been involved in the market deployment of innovative ICT services. Of these services, Atlantis has a specific background in the implementation of innovative web based services and portals such as, an e-recruitment website which targets individuals of all backgrounds with the aim to pursue the most suitable candidates; and gate2start, which helps researchers to test their research hypothesis in view of the market forecast. Furthermore, Atlantis has been involved in the EUtrek project (funded by the eContent Programme), which aimed to identify the key elements for successful implementation of a multilingual and localized equity analysis Web service.

  • T3.2 – Fine-tuning of the categorization tool to Greek
  • T4.1 – Implementation of a language processing chain for Greek
  • T5.1 – Implementation of a text summarization tool for Greek
  • T6.4 – Adaptation of the existing cross-lingual search engine
  • T7.2 – Component, integration and system testing