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University of Zadar (UniZD)

University of Zadar (UniZD)
Country Croatia
Address Mihovila Pavlinovića bb 23000 Zadar
Факс +385 23 316 667
Phone +385 23 200 740
Web site
The University of Zadar is a fully integrated university in the Republic of Croatia. One of its focuses is languages and related studies, including linguistic research with its modern and technology oriented fields, integrating related social science domains, and in particular library and information science. It hosts a large number of national and international projects in this domain and cooperates with research institutions on the national and international level. Various research groups at the University of Zadar are active in linguistic research related particularly to the Croatian language and its dialects and variants. Furthermore, the university hosts numerous research projects related to computational linguistics and information and library sciences. It cooperates with the Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics (with its branch at the University of Zadar) in a couple of related projects, in particular the development of the lexical and terminology data bases and publicly available digital language and linguistic resources for Croatian.

As a leader of WP3, the University of Zadar supervises the activities related to the implementation of an easy to use automatic categorization tool and its adjustment to all project languages. Their contribution to the project will complete the initial target set of lesser used official EU languages and languages of prospective EU member states with the addition of Croatian. The University of Zadar is responsible for the following major tasks:

  • T3.1 – Implementation of a text categorization tool
  • T3.2 – Fine-tuning of the categorization tool to Croatian
  • T4.1 – Implementation of a language processing chain for Croatian
  • T5.1 – Implementation of a text summarization tool for Croatian