Event details

Final Review, Luxembourg

Start date Apr 29, 2013
End date Apr 29, 2013



The objectives of the review meeting are to establish:

  • the degree of fulfillment of the project work plan for the relevant period and of the related deliverables;
  • the continued relevance and achievability of the objectives within the time and resources available to the project;
  • the resources planned and utilised in relation to the achieved progress, in a manner consistent with the principles of economy, efficiency and effectiveness;
  • the management procedures and methods of the project;
  • the beneficiaries’ contributions and integration within the project;
  • the expected potential impact in economic, competition and social terms, and
  • the beneficiaries' plan for the use and dissemination of foreground.



The following team members will participate in the review meeting:



Pierre-Paul Sondag

European Commission, Project officer

Anelia Belogay

Tetracom, CEO Atlas, WP 1, WP 2, WP 3 leader

Diman Karagiozov

Tetracom, CTO Atlas,  WP 1, WP 2, WP 3 leader

Adam  Przepiorkowski

Institute of Computer Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences, WP 4 leader

Svetla Koeva

Institute for Bulgarian Language at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, WP 4

Dan Cristea

Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, WP 5 leader

Eugen Ignat

Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, WP 5 leader

Daniel  Anechitei

Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, WP 5 leader

Cristina Vertan

University of Hamburg, WP 6  leader

Polivios Raxis

Atlantis Consulting SA, WP 7 leader

Krasen Stefanov

ITD, WP 8 (Dissemination) leader

Ivan Koychev

ITD, WP 8 (Dissemination) leader

Marin Barzakov

ITD, WP 8 (Dissemination) leader