Event details

Project meeting in Thessaloniki

Start date Nov 3, 2011
End date Nov 4, 2011

The 7th Project meeting was held in Thessaloniki on 3-4 November 2011. The meeting agenda was as follows:   

WP 1, general

  • Reporting – internal reports, second year periodic report
  • Next steps and Important deadlines
  • Planning dissemination activities
  • Commercial agreement, exploitation of results and ATLAS business model

WP 2

  • Improvements in the online services
  • i-Publisher simple mode, brief overview
  • Documentation tasks (T 2.8 & T 2.9)

WP 3

  • Current status (tools, envisioned algorithms, fine-tuning)
  • i-Librarian model training (English and Bulgarian Models collection of content for 80 domains)
  • Challenges in EUDocLib
  • Next steps 

WP 4

  • LPC deployment and integration status
  • LPC performance issues: internal test results
  • Methods of improvement – all partners
  • Review of the D4.1 template 
  • Further integration and optimization steps.

WP 5

  • Overview of WP 5
  • Reports from all partners regarding their collection of texts suggested by UAIC (or others), texts annotated for summaries, lists of cue phrases and the NLP chains engaged in summarisation ( tokeniser, POS-tagger, lemmatiser, NP-chunker, NER, RARE); 
  • Report from UAIC regarding the sentence splitter module for EN and RO and how to addapt it for other languages; 
  • UAIC report regarding summarisation of short texts (EN and RO). 

WP 6

  • Machine Translation:
  • Collection of domain specific small corpora
  • Monolingual training corpora for the target language
  • Use of WP4 results for refined training models
  • Interaction with WP3 (categorisation), WP5 (Summarization)
  • Evaluation methodology
  • Cross-lingual retrieval
  • Test data
  • Interaction with other WPs.

WP 7

  • KPIs and technical evaluation indicators for ATLAS modules (presentation by each partner responsible)
  • CMS (Tetracom
  • MT & Cross-Language Retrieval (UniHamb
  • Classification (Tetracom)
  • Summarizations (UAIC)
  • Implementation of Living Labs methodology and Tools

D 7.1 overview

  • User groups
  • User scenario
  • Overview of the evaluation methodology updates 
  • Kick-off of the 2nd round of user acceptance evaluation
  • Schedule of forthcoming activities

WP 8

Overview of the Tasks` status and updates within WP8
Topics for Discussion:
  • How to manage and use effectively the ATLAS Wiki?
  • How to use the Living Lab as a diss