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Institute of Technology and Development (ITD)

Institute of Technology and Development (ITD)
Country Bulgaria
Address 49, Khan Asparuh St. Entrance A Sofia 1000
Факс +359 2 981 5541
Phone +359 2 981 4762
Web site
The Institute of Technology and Development is a non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to applied research and development of innovative technology and systems. It is designed to strengthen the academic-industry linkages, to raise the knowledge and innovation culture as well as the entrepreneurial culture. ITD is also engaged in training and educational activities supporting the applications of new technologies in education, in community development, and in corporate information systems. ITD has good record of participation in National and European projects. The members of the ITD have been involved in more than 80 international R&D, training and industrial projects.

As a leader of WP8, ITD will be responsible for one of the most important aspects of this project – the dissemination of the project results. Apart from their substantial experience with EU projects, ITD will further contribute to the successful realization of the project by introducing and applying the Living Labs methodology. ITD will further carry out the following major tasks:

  • T2.2 – Use case specifications
  • T7.1 – User evaluation and feedback adjustments
  • T8.2 – Detailed Dissemination Plan
  • T8.4, T8.5, 8.6, 8.7 – Preparation and dissemination of primary outreach materials, interaction with target communities, and measurement and evaluation of project impact
  • T8.7, T8.8 – Nationwide and Trans-European project promotion