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T1.6 - Work on contractual deliverables

Stat date Mar 1, 2010
End date Feb 28, 2013
  • Resource Monitoring
    This task provides support for financial administration as well as the monitoring of appropriate and adequate resource allocation of all partners. Tetracom receives the EU grant for the project, plans its deployment over time, distributes the funds among partners and manages any budget modifications. Furthermore, the actual state of financial expenditures is constantly monitored through reports prepared by beneficiaries every three months.
  • Quality control and work plan monitoring
    This task is dedicated to the quality control and timely delivery of project reports and deliverables. This includes monitoring of all project activities and ensuring that they lead to the required deliverables and are in keeping with the project program. In case of delays the project CEO will take the necessary action, and if required execute the appropriate contingency plan, to minimize any delays and their impact on dependent work packages.
  • Reporting to the European Commission
    This task is dedicated to the preparing and timely delivery of project progress reports to be delivered by the Coordinator to the European Commission.