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T2.4 - Software specification

Stat date Jun 1, 2010
End date Aug 1, 2010

A detailed software specification document will be prepared by the end of M5. It includes the requirements list produced in T2.3 and a thorough description of the architecture and design of ATLAS. After this document has been completed, work on the integration and deployment of i‑Publisher, i‑Librarian and EUDocLib will begin.

  • High-level design (Tetracom, Atlantis, ITD) – The purpose of this subtask is to prepare a general formal description of the ATLAS platform in terms of functional and non-functional requirements, architecture and design.
  • Detailed software specification draft (Tetracom) – The goal of this subtask is to prepare a detailed software specification document, which includes the list of user requirements, a detailed architecture and design, and a set of GUI screens that demonstrate the visual aspects of i‑Publisher, i‑Librarian and EUDocLib.
  • Review of the software specification draft (Atlantis, ITD) – Atlantis and ITD review the detailed software specification draft and if necessary send change requests to Tetracom.
  • Final version of the software specification (Tetracom) – Tetracom implements any necessary changes in the software specification and produces the final version of the document.