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T2.5 - i‑Publisher – implementation and deployment

Stat date Aug 1, 2010
End date Mar 1, 2011
  • Evaluation of visualization tools and libraries, and prototyping (Tetracom) – Tetracom will analyze existing visualization services, tools and libraries, define the adaptation and localization process of i-Publisher, and implement a prototype.
  • Implementation of visual components of i-Publisher (Tetracom) – After the prototype has been thoroughly tested, Tetracom will continue working to produce a stable and fully functional version of i-Publisher.
  • English linguistic adjustments and improvements (Tetracom) – Tetracom will improve the language processing tools for English, based on the software specification. In addition, adjustments of the summarization algorithm will be done to keep the consistence of the used tools.
  • Technical review (ITD) – When a stable version of i-Publisher is ready, a team of qualified personnel from ITD will examine the suitability of the software for its intended use and will identify any discrepancies from specifications and standards. ITD will produce a technical review report, which may include change requests.
  • Software adjustments (in resp. to technical reviews) (Tetracom) – Tetracom will evaluate the technical review report and approve or disapprove suggested change requests. i‑Publisher will be modified to address any approved change requests.
  • Integration of i-Publisher into ATLAS (Tetracom) – After the work on software adjustments has been completed, Tetracom will integrate i-Publisher into the ATLAS platform.
  • Test deployment of i‑Publisher (Tetracom)

Pilot version of i‑Publisher service is available for testing and evaluation purposes at the following URL: