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T8.1 - Project web site

Stat date Mar 1, 2010
End date Feb 28, 2013

The purpose of this task is to create and maintain an ATLAS project web site, which will be dynamically updated and used as the main information repository of the project, as well as for dissemination of news. The portal will also provide access to ATLAS communities and to the ATLAS platform and its repositories. The project web site will also serve as a fast and effective communication tool for the purposes of the project consortium, including communication with the European Commission and other stakeholders, as well as planning and arranging project meetings. To sum up, the project web site includes the following:

  • Scope and objectives of the project
  • Description of the consortium (with links to the web sites of partnering organizations)
  • Expected results and their envisaged impact
  • Project news
  • Information on project meetings
  • Who can benefit from the project
  • Public deliverables and presentations
  • Available dissemination material to download
  • Links to other relevant projects and EU initiatives