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Tetracom Interactive Solutions LTD

Tetracom Interactive Solutions LTD
Country Bulgaria
Address 18 Prof. Nikolay Gentchev Str 1700 Sofia
Факс +35924904053
Phone +35924904054
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Tetracom IS develops complex customized web applications for large international organizations with emphasis on content management, document exchange, collaboration, and customer relationship management as well as semantic analysis, text mining and automatic classification of digitalized content. Tetracom IS has more than 10 years of experience in developing Web applications (dynamic web content), Content Management (CMS) and Document Exchange (DEX) systems, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, Tailor-made Java and .NET server applications, GUI stand-alone cross-platform Java desktop applications, Database design and development, Software for e-Learning and higher education, and text extraction.

Tetracom will coordinate the ATLAS project and will ensure that the formal aspects of the project are achieved. Tetracom IS has a proven record in managing international projects, among which its collaboration with ISN and NATO. Apart from coordinating the project, Tetracom IS will also be a leader of two Work Packages (WP1, WP2) and will carry out the following major tasks:

  • T1.1 – Preparation of a revised detailed project plan
  • T1.5 – Project coordination and management
  • T1.7 – Work on contractual deliverables
  • T2.5 – i‑Publisher – implementation and deployment
  • T2.6 – i‑Librarian – implementation and deployment
  • T2.7 – EUDocLib – implementation and deployment
  • T2.8 – Technical documentation
  • T2.9 – User guides
  • T6.3 – Implementation of a bridge to EuroMatrix
  • T8.1 – Project web site
  • T8.3 – Sustainability plan preparation
  • T3.1, T4.4, T5.3, T6.5 – Integration of software components into ATLAS