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Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi (UAIC) - Romania

Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi (UAIC) - Romania
Country Romania
Address Bulevardul Carol I, Nr.11, 700506 Iasi
Факс +40 (232) 201201
Phone +40 (232) 201000
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The Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi is the oldest higher education institution in Romania. Since 1860, the university has been carrying on a tradition of excellency and innovation in the fields of education and research. The University enjoys high prestige at national and international level and cooperates with over 250 universities world-wide. Alexandru Ioan Cuza University is a member of some of the most important university networks and associations. Their partnerships offer the opportunity of experience exchanges, student and teacher mobility and of joint academic, research or strategy initiatives. The professors are involved in over 400 national and international research projects, with the logistic support of 24 research centers. The Faculty of Computer Science was, historically, the first faculty in Computer Science belonging to a non-technical university in Romania. The NLP Group at UAIC, working under the leadership of prof. Dan Cristea, is made out of undergraduate students, master students in Computational Linguistics and PhD students. The research topics of the Group cover: building of NLP architectures, question-answering, textual entailment, anaphora resolution and discourse theories, computational lexicography, syntactic and semantic parsing, ontologies for NLP, models for evolution of language. Members of the NLP group are actually co-partners in two FP7 projects and two national projects dealing with NLP and computational lexicography.

As a leader of WP5, UAIC oversees the implementation of summarization tools for the target languages. Their participation in the project is more than necessary, since the Romanian language is one of the newest members of the large family of official EU languages. Furthermore, it is one of the lesser-used official EU languages, for which appropriate NLP tools are still missing. With their expertise in NLP and their experience with national and European projects, UAIC is an important part of the ATLAS consortium. UAIC is responsible for the following major tasks:

  • T3.2 – Fine-tuning of the categorization tool to Romanian
  • T4.1 – Implementation of a language processing chain for Romanian
  • T5.1 – Implementation of a text summarization tool for Romanian