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University of Hamburg - Research Group "Computerphilology" (UHH)

University of Hamburg - Research Group 'Computerphilology' (UHH)
Country Germany
Address Institute for Greek and LAtin Philology Von-Melle Park 6 20146 Hamburg
Факс +49 40 42838 3553
Phone +49 40 42838 2733
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The Computerphilologie Research Group at the University of Hamburg is an interdisciplinary unit between the Faculty for Language, Literature and Media and the Faculty of Computer Science. Members of this research group have long-standing expertise in modeling heterogeneous data, semantic web, on-line edition, and multilingual applications. The researchers involved in the current project bring with them the expertise of the Natural Systems Division within the Computer Science Department and the one from the Computing Center. The “Computerphilology” Research Group is member of the CLARIN Network and it is currently involved in several projects for developing semantic web applications for eHumanites.

As a leader of WP6, which is related to Machine Translation and cross-lingual search, UHH will play a significant role in the project. They will contribute with NLP tools for the most widely spoken mother tongue in the EU – German. Furthermore, their experience with the development of a cross-lingual search engine for the LT4eL project will be truly beneficial for the implementation of the envisaged multi-lingual full text search in the ATLAS project. UHH will further carry out the following major tasks:

  • T3.2 – Fine-tuning of the categorization tool to German
  • T4.1 – Implementation of a language processing chain for German
  • T5.1 – Implementation of a text summarization tool for German
  • T6.4 – Adaptation of the existing cross-lingual search engine