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Prof. Dr. Walther von Hahn

von Hahn Dr. W. Hahn is a Professor of Computer Science at the Faculty of Computer Science, University of Hamburg. He is also a Professor of Linguistics at the Faculty for Language, Literature and Media Science and member of the Computerphilologie research group. Since 1987 he is director of NATS. He was one of the founders of Computational linguistics in Germany. For his pioneering work in the projects HAM-RPM and HAM-ANS he received a prize from the SEL-Foundation. His research group has always had close connections with Universities in East and Central Europe (Prague, Sofia, Bucharest, Iasi).
Organization University of Hamburg - Research Group "Computerphilology" (UHH)
Address Institute for Greek and LAtin Philology Von-Melle Park 6 20146 Hamburg
Country Germany